Committed to collective carbon neutrality

our climate commitments

KeeeX is committed to collective carbon neutrality

The KeeeX core process is extremely frugal: protection and verification of files are done locally and therefore very energy efficient. Since the proofs are embedded in the file, no additional infrastructure is needed to guarantee the integrity of the file over time.

This static file protection can be supplemented by other proof layers:
– A sequential historical register in file mode to record file or event traces
– A direct recording on our private blockchain KeeeX Chain
– A mutualized recording twice a day on a public blockchain

KeeeX has offset all of its 2022 annual GHG emissions on Gold Standard and will continue to do so. Our climate financing outside our value chain has contributed to the avoidance of 160tCO2e and the sequestration of 5tCO2e for the year 2022. Our software suite is therefore carbon neutral and without any CO2 externalities for our customers’ Scope 3 (our GHG balance).

This voluntary, long-term approach is an extension of all the daily efforts made by the organization to reduce our impact (reuse of IT equipment, BYOD, sustainable transport, clean energy, fight against waste, teleworking).

tCO2e offset

working for a better future

Our solutions put you on the path to sustainable growth

Ethics has been an integral part of the KeeeX project since its creation. The use of our solutions allows us to respond directly or indirectly to several United Nations sustainable development goals.


Reducing carbon emissions, water and land use in papermaking and limiting the use of infrastructure for verification and archiving.


Proving non-financial accounting, encouraging sustainable practices and responsible consumption, fighting against GHG emissions, helping SMEs to grow

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