Trade, Trace, Transfer

TraaaX by KeeeX transforms any data or document into a traceable, verifiable and transferable digital original file.

Interoperable, multi-format, multi-platform, 100% MLETR compliant


To trace all your data, documents and processes, paper or digital

Many industries such as Trade Finance still use paper. TraaaX by KeeeX allows you to dematerialize any file, so you can trace and verify all your processes. Paper or digital, check the authenticity of a file, its latest version, its owner, its history.


Keep track of your business agreements


All your documents, products & processes


Ownership of your files and products

Best suited for:

Trade Finance

Letter of credit, promissory note, bill of exchange, guarantee.


Bill of lading, CMR, sea waybill, insurance certificate.

Other industries

Diploma, certificate, accreditation, contract, ESG declaration.

an integrable solution

Secure, interoperable, sustainable

Our solution consists of a proof register that can be interfaced with your platform (API/SDK) or via our interface. It makes it easy to lock a file, sign it, trace all modifications and transfer ownership of the original. Universal and interoperable, evidence can be recorded on the blockchain of your choice.. It guarantees the confidentiality of your files by processing them locally, on your browser or in your IT environment. In addition to our daily commitment to the climate, we offset all our CO2 emissions to ensure that our solutions have no carbon externality for our customers’ Scope 3.


A combination of proven solutions

A pioneer in the field of cryptography and blockchain, KeeeX has been developing market-recognized industrial solutions for over 10 years. Accessible to all without installing any software, our solutions create no strong links and allow any player to enter or exit easily. Once files are protected, they remain freely usable and verifiable, without constraint, forever. TraaaX is the combination of four products: KeeeX Fusion, KeeeX Stories, KeeeX Chain and KeeeX Anchoring.

Seamless Solution

Key Features

Self-protected file with unique ID

Proofs of integrity, origin, date and context are sealed in tamper-proof files with unique, pronounceable and indexable names (IDX).

File history

Record the history of a document (modification, endorsement, event). You can keep your data private, giving access only to the elements you wish to share.

Back to paper

Some countries have yet to transpose the MLETR into national law. TraaaX by KeeeX allows you to start a digital process and go back to paper.

What you see is what you sign

Check the files you are offered before signing to make sure they correspond to your expectations. All signature levels possible (simple, advanced, qualified eIDAS signatures)

Trace versions of a document

Save different versions of a file and check at any time whether a document is the latest version. You can also check whether a file is still valid in its context


Transfer ownership or responsibility

Simply transfer ownership or responsibility for a document or product. You can prove at any given moment that you are the owner of an original electronic document.

Data Privacy

By connecting our solution to your platform, you can keep data and documents at home, and use our solution only to record evidence.

Reveal only part of your files

Prove the existence of a part of your document without revealing the rest, while guaranteeing the integrity of the entire file.

About Us

Recognized expertise for over 10 years

The KeeeX story began in 2010 in a computer research laboratory. The company was officially founded in 2014. We have developed a comprehensive, scalable software suite to handle a variety of industrial uses. TraaaX by KeeeX was created to meet the specific needs of MLETR. The solution uses existing KeeeX software suite.

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Million files since inception

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